As I shared last night in our prayer meeting, Ecuador is reeling from the effects of their national quarantine concerning COVID-19. A couple days ago, Doug called and check on Javy, our Ecuador missionary, and found out about the situation in Ecuador. Yesterday, Doug and Pastor Kenny had a video meeting with Javy. He shared that people are only allowed on the streets to by food one time a week and only in the morning before noon. If caught breaking these regulations, people are fined $100.00 and could go to jail if caught again. COVID-19 is decimating the city of Gauyaquil with over 1900 deaths, official. Word on the street is the numbers are much higher. Fortunately, the areas where we have done ministry are much less impacted with only a few cases reported. According to Javy, people on the coast people are dying—from starvation due to the strict quarantine guidelines. Due to the travel bans and no teams coming from the US, the translators are out of work and in dire straits for food too. In the jungle among the Shuar people whom we have helped as a church, they too are becoming desperate for food. Even in the food-rich highlands, the impact of the quarantine is starting to take its toll on our Christian brothers and sisters. Fortunately, two Indiana churches have already sent relief money for our Christian brothers and sisters on the coast who have been greatly affected. Javy made a trip and was able to distribute food boxes that will last for about two weeks. More needs to be done. This is where God has uniquely positioned us to help our brothers and sisters in Ecuador.

Last night, Wednesday, April 15, Crossland Baptist leadership met at 8:30 pm and discussed the situation in Ecuador. The team agreed to immediately take $1500.00 from the Mission Saving Account and sent it to Ecuador for Javy to buy food for our Christian brothers and sisters. That money has been sent, but more is needed. 



Next, we ask that you expand your prayers to include Ecuador and our mission partners there. Also, we ask that you prayerfully consider how you can share financially to help bring relief to our friends in Ecuador. If we could physically go to help, we would send a team, but we cannot. What we can do is PRAY and GIVE. Will you join in and help out?

Here is the list of priority needs for Ecuador from Javy. Please pray for them:

1.    5 Translators

2.    Jungle villages

3.    Coastal people

4.    Highland people

Pray that Javy will find sources for the food with better prices so as to maximize the number of people who can be helped. 

Pray for People-of-Peace and People-of Good Will to help Javy with this daunting task. 

Pray for people to come to faith in Jesus through this.


To give financially, send checks to the church address with ECUADOR RELIEF 2020 in the memo section.


C/O Steve Basore

PO Box 212

Stilesville, IN 46180


To give electronically, here is the link to Crossland’s egiving page:

If you give electronically, know that we do not have a way to designate offerings on that page yet, so after you send the money electronically, please email Steve Basore with the amount you designated for ECUADOR RELIEF 2020. 

We will get all designated money to Ecuador quickly. 


Pray for an opportunity for a mission trip. We will send a team to the jungle to minister to the Shuar people after the borders open and when is it safe to travel. 



Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.  Gal 6:10

Pastor Kenny Stevens